About Bravoz

Who We Are

Bravoz is a business established in 2011 as an IT professional consultant.

About Us

In the world of IT, technology is evolving by a very short time, where to be really aware one must always be on the top of the change, while in order to be a real pro experience would play a role, where were we and where are we now in terms of tech.

We believe in simple solutions, thus we brain storm the business through before giving and applying a solution.

Meet Our Team

Why Choose Bravoz

We do IT services, software design & development, software inegration, mobile apps, ecommerce.

We do web marketing, through all platform, graphic designer, clip directing & editing are all in house, WebSites & SEO.

Keeping it simple to the point, presentable, maintaining high quality low to no maintenance needed.

Availability 24/365 .

Utilizing technology to serve the purpose.

Cut time spent in routine tasks and give way for time to be spent in innovation.


Software Development86%

Tech Training65%

Web Marketing 76%

Mobile Apps92%

Meet Our Team

We have a professional, certified, eager to learn, thriving for success.


What You Get

  • Latest Tech

    Although we have the expertise, we will only use the right tech for each solution.

  • Always available

    We are always available for you, whether it's our products or any IT related issue.

  • Media Element

    We have the qualification, experience & innovative mind set granting what it takes to get the eye & ear attention.

  • User Friendly

    Ease of use, simple logic with high end result is our aim.