Software Architect & Development

What We Do

We do business amalyses by collect data, understanding requirements, assess current system & environment, discuss business solutions.

Brain storm current situation, Financial, business & technical, come out with multiple solutions, present each solution with cost, business benefits & technologies used with pros & cons for client to choose.


Technologies .

  • Delphi - Embarcadero - RAD
  • J2EE,Maven,hibernate,Spring,JSF(Primefaces)
  • SEO, PHP, HTML, Elementor
  • MySQL, Postgres, MS SQL
  • Jasper, Crystal, Quick

Our Services

Professional Business analyses, Multi platform development solutions.

Web based Applications

Web-based applications accessed from any browser (Chrome. Safari, Explorer ..etc).

Business Analyses

Professional collection of data & business requirements from stockholders.

Mobile Applications

We develop iOS & Android applications for Mobile Phone and Tablets.

Continuous Enhancements

Adding features, competitors surveyed analyses, up-to-date technology.

Windows Applications

Windows operated application, hosted in local business network.

System Integration

Hetero-system integration, can save time, money and produce outstanding results/reports.

Amazing Features

Business enhancement.

Security, access control down to the lowest level, log tracking every transaction by who, when & where.

Maximizing system usage, open multi criteria reporting tools, charting tools

  • Easy user interface
  • iOS, Android, Windows
  • Open criteria reporting tools
  • Multi layer data security
  • Continuous enhancement
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